Manage staff leave with our mobile holiday planner

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Plan your staff leave with our simple holiday planner

See who’s off in your team in one place.

The staff leave planner shows everyone who is on holiday.

No more second guessing whos not in.

Mobile first holiday booking platform

The Staff Leave app is a mobile first holiday booking platform.

Manage everything from holiday requests to arranging leave for your employees.

Do away with managing leave via excel spreadsheets, emails & requests.

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Staff Leave control and settings

Perfect for big or small businesses

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Features Everything you need for complete staff holiday management

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Holiday calendar exports

Staff Leave app exports & synchronises directly into your favourite calendar software including Google Calendar, Outlook and iOS Calendar.

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Completely free forever leave management, or upgrade to our Leave Plus pack to get extra features (coming soon)

- Mobile holiday booking
- Unlimited users
- Accept & reject requests
- Book on-behalf of other users
- Set approvers
- Staff holiday planner
- All calendar export types
- Import users and leave

* Price quoted is per user per month + VAT.  Some features & help guides are still being rolled out.

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