Data Deletion Policy Our data deletion policy explained

Published: 5 December 2023

This Data Deletion Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for the deletion of personal data related to staff leave managed through Staff Leave ("the App"). The following policy applies to individuals using the App for managing their leave, with distinctions made between end users and employers who administrate the main team accounts. This policy is in addition to our policy relating to the removal of dormant accounts, which can be found in our Privacy Policy.

1. Data Ownership and Retention

a. Employers, acting as administrators, hold ownership of the master team account within the App for staff leave management. Some data concerning leave dates may be retained by the employer in compliance with local government legislation and the terms specified in an end user's employment contract (if applicable).

b. The App will retain and process leave-related information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the individual's employment contract and local jurisdiction laws, respecting the employer's lawful requirements.

2. End User Rights and Deletion Requests

a. End users have the right to request the closure of their account within the App, along with the removal of any personally identifiable information (such as personal phone numbers and email addresses).

b. Upon a deletion request from an end user, and only when the end user is still in active employment with their employer, and the employer still requires the App to process the end user’s leave, the App will anonymize or remove personal data, including initializing the first name, and ensure that only essential non personal identifiable leave-related data, such as the day and leave type, is accessible to the employer.

c. Deletion requests made by an Employer acting as a team administrator, will be actioned in full, with full removal of the team account, and all associated end user accounts. We may request additional identification from an Employer if we think the request is of a fraudulent nature, this may include sending an approval request to other administrators in a team.

3. Collaboration with Employer

a. The App will collaborate with the employer to ensure the removal of key personal data upon an end user's request.

b. The employer will be informed of the deletion request and the actions taken in response to it.

4. Employment Status and Data Removal

a. For individuals no longer employed by the employer, the App will facilitate the complete removal of requested data in accordance with local jurisdiction laws.

b. Prior to data deletion, the App will instruct the employer to retain or download any records necessary by law in their local jurisdiction.

5. Legal Considerations

a. End users are encouraged to review their employment contract with their employer to understand any implications or agreements related to the use of specific software (the App) during their employment term assuming they are still in active employment when a data deletion request is submitted.

6. Compliance and Assistance

a. The App commits to compliance with local laws and regulations regarding data deletion and will provide necessary assistance to end users and employers throughout the process.

Changes and Questions

We keep this data deletion policy under regular review. Any changes will be published and dated on this page, and if they’re significant we’ll send you an email to let you know.

If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding our data deletion policy or your rights, you can get in touch with us by sending a message here

If you would like to delete your account, or some of your data, you can create a data deletion request.